My trip, one month in

I just got back from seven days in rural Mongolia, and am about 5 weeks into a round-the-world trip.  Truthfully, so far this whole trip has been pretty surreal. A lot of the time it feels like a bizarre dream, and I have to remind myself to be present or I’ll miss it. My first … Continue reading

Baikal, Trans-Mongolian, Mongolia – Photos

Mongolia Snow

A few pictures from the last couple days — First, a few from Listvyanka and Lake Baikal, near Irkukst, Russia. Then, a few from the changing landscape between Russia and Mongolia. Last, a few from my first day in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia! A few from Baikal and Listvyanka: Next, a few from the train ride to … Continue reading

Smiling is my favorite

Two weeks in Russia, and I have to admit it – I don’t really fit in here. I’ve done what I can to blend in: to be specific, I bought super-tight-circulation-killing jeans, and black adidas, which is what 50% of the women wear here. (The other 50% wear super-tight-circulation-killing jeans and high heels, and we … Continue reading

Moscow and Trans-Mongolian, Part 1

Kremlin at night Sarah Peck

Just a few pics from my last day/night in Moscow, my first 30-hour stretch on the Trans-Mongolian, and my stop in Yekaterinburg. Nothing too great – train was moving fast, so a lot of blurry images of birch trees, and Yekaterinburg isn’t the most beautiful city I’ve ever stopped in — but its been an … Continue reading

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