Against Trump, and for America

I’m so utterly, terribly sad on this day. I don’t believe the electors will do what I have hoped, in my gut, they *could* do, if they could find the courage and conviction to reject the demagogue we are about to put into place. But knowing that this outcome, a Trump Presidency, is all but … Continue reading

Harry Potter as a Sacred Text: Or, is Kim Davis a Death Eater?

I just came from a new class I’m taking, Harry Potter as Sacred Text. It’s a space where, through a close rereading and examination of the Harry Potter series, participants can reflect on the text as a guide of sorts, one with a rock solid underlying morality code – and arguably, a sacred one. Which … Continue reading

Whom We Meet Along the Way

(Original post, and all photos, found at: Over the last few years, I’ve managed to circumvent a better part of the world solo. The most frequent question I get as a solo female traveler is this: “Is it safe?” While the answer certainly isn’t universal, largely, I would say ‘yes, it is.” But more importantly … Continue reading

Steubenville, Rape, and Some Seriously F-ed up Coverage.

As usual, when something is in the news and it’s incendiary, my Facebook wall lights up like a Christmas tree. Most recently, its been lit up with various posts about the Steubenville rape case. Unless you live under a rock or have been off the grid recently, here’s the basic rundown: Teens all go to … Continue reading

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