On Grammar and Google

A few of my friends posted this photo on Facebook in the last couple days: My first reaction was, “Hmm, that’s interesting.” My second was, “Hmm, that’s offensive.” First, the label below the searches proudly states “GRAMMAR MATTERS.” But I’d like to ask, to who? (Or should I say, to whom?) I realize that this … Continue reading

My trip, one month in

I just got back from seven days in rural Mongolia, and am about 5 weeks into a round-the-world trip.  Truthfully, so far this whole trip has been pretty surreal. A lot of the time it feels like a bizarre dream, and I have to remind myself to be present or I’ll miss it. My first … Continue reading

An American in St. Petersburg

I’m sitting in a hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia, surrounded by 12 travelers from all over the word. To my right, a young guy from Holland, who took a bus all the way from Lithuania. Next to him, a Brazilian national who has spent the last two months researching oil prospects in Siberia. On her … Continue reading

Why Travel?

A friend of mine recently asked me what I like about travel. The words simply couldn’t come to me fast enough. A few things that immediately shot into my mind: First, the world is so incredibly vast and diverse. But I think often we get so stuck in our daily lives, our daily routines, and … Continue reading

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