Moscow and Trans-Mongolian, Part 1

Just a few pics from my last day/night in Moscow, my first 30-hour stretch on the Trans-Mongolian, and my stop in Yekaterinburg. Nothing too great – train was moving fast, so a lot of blurry images of birch trees, and Yekaterinburg isn’t the most beautiful city I’ve ever stopped in — but its been an interesting stay.

My last day in Moscow, I visited the town of Sergiev Posad, which is about 2 hours outside of the city. Sergiev Posad is home to Russia’s holiest Orthodox shrine and monastery, and draws a constant stream of believers to its doors.  To me, getting there was a great adventure, but the energy of the place was pretty amazing.

Approaching the complex:

Sergiev Posad Sarah Peck
Sergiev Posad Sarah PeckPeople here were filling their bottles with Holy Water:

Holy Water Sergiev PosadMy favorite from the day:

Sergiev Posad Sarah PeckThen, back to Moscow for a quick look at the infamous KGB building:

Russia Building Sarah PeckNext, off to Red Square for dinner and some night-time revelry:

Kremlin at night Sarah Peck

Red Square at Night Sarah PeckNext, a 30-hour train trip to Yekaterinburg: (With one of my three charming cabin-mates):

Trans Siberian Part 1 Sarah PeckA little bit of the countryside, which was absolutely beautiful and awash with hundreds of miles of changing birch trees: (From the moving train):

Trans Siberian Sarah Peck

Trans Siberian 2 Sarah PeckAnd, a few from Yekaterinburg: (Not the loveliest of cities, but interesting nonetheless):

Yekaterinburg Sarah Peck
Music Yekaterinburg Sarah PeckAnd, to be honest, this about sums up my feelings for Yekaterinburg:

No love lost Sarah PeckTomorrow, another 30 hour stretch to Krasnoyarsk!

3 Responses to “Moscow and Trans-Mongolian, Part 1”
  1. Phil says:

    Great photos. I love the one of the train table and the one of the birch trees from the train.

    • Hey Phil! Thank you! I wasn’t too geeked about this set, but I suppose they are descriptive, eh? Shoot me an email sometime, let me know how your own life adventure is going!

  2. Nathan says:

    These photos are delicious.

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