Ha Long Bay – Photos

There is no real way to do justice to Ha Long Bay, in words or photos — but this is my best attempt. A Unesco World Heritage sight, Ha Long means “Descending Dragon,” and is over 1500 km squared, with thousands of immense limestone karsts scattered throughout the crystal blue-green water. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

Vietnam by Motorbike – Photos

After a whirlwind tour of Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh, I made my way up to Dalat, Vietnam, where I met up with a few of Vietnam’s famous ‘Easy Riders,’ men who put you on the back of their motorbike and take you just about anywhere you want to go. It’s an amazing way … Continue reading

Goodbye Cambodia, Hello Vietnam!

After an amazing month in Cambodia, I’ve managed to make my way to Can Tho, Vietnam. It took 13 hours, 5 different jam-packed, smoke-filled minivans, and a lot of confusion, but now I’m here, and wide-eyed once again at the newness of it all. My next-to-last week in Cambodia was spent in the rural village … Continue reading

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