Goodbye Cambodia, Hello Vietnam!

After an amazing month in Cambodia, I’ve managed to make my way to Can Tho, Vietnam. It took 13 hours, 5 different jam-packed, smoke-filled minivans, and a lot of confusion, but now I’m here, and wide-eyed once again at the newness of it all.

My next-to-last week in Cambodia was spent in the rural village of Kawine, courtesy of a friend back in the USA that has family in Cambodia. Kawine is a wonderfully sleepy town where the buffalo roam freely and karaoke is the major social outlet.

The sleepy town of Kawine

In Kawine, we were lucky enough to be invited to a local wedding, which was as loud and colorful as any I’ve been to. I befriended a number of girls that were there to collect people’s empty cans – but they abdicated the job after I lent them my camera.

Back at my friend’s family, we watched them truss a formerly happy pig to the back of a motorbike – I have never heard anything quite as terrifying as this pig scream. (And, lets face it, it didn’t make eating curdled pigs blood any more appealing).

Happy Pig
Unhappy Pig

At the local monastery, we got to meet a number of monks, and then back home in Kawine, we had a small photoshoot with the local gang of kids.

Then, it was off to Ha Tien, Vietnam, to pick up a series of painful rides to Can Tho, where we hopped on a boat and went to a number of floating markets.

At 6:30 in the morning, people were out in full force, selling and trading their goods

Small kids were flying their kites from boats, and one colorful woman tried to sell me lottery tickets from her boat – when I refused, she smacked me and laughed congenially. (Vietnamese people seem to like to smack me – I’ve been here less than 24 hours, and that’s my third smack so far). (Although, Cambodian people seemed to like to throw up on me, primarily during long boat/bus rides – so I’ll call it even).

My lottery pusher

Then, our fabulous boat driver wound us through a series of small waterways connected to the Mekong.

All in all, its been a great intro to Vietnam. Tomorrow, I’m off to Ho Chi Minh to see what kind of trouble I can get into there!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cambodia, Hello Vietnam!

  1. you know it’s a good picture when it leaves you wondering about sounds and smells. ok, maybe not the smells, but the lottery lady must have had some wonderfully wicked/catchy laugh.

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