Ha Long Bay – Photos

There is no real way to do justice to Ha Long Bay, in words or photos — but this is my best attempt. A Unesco World Heritage sight, Ha Long means “Descending Dragon,” and is over 1500 km squared, with thousands of immense limestone karsts scattered throughout the crystal blue-green water. I was lucky enough to spend two nights in the bay, one on a boat, and one on a remote island about a five hour boat ride into the endless karst formations. This is a truly spectacular place — if you can get here someday, do it!

Boats in the mist at the entrance of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Boat Ha Long Bay

Interior Ha Long Bay
From a small inlet that we reached by kayak
Fishing community Ha Long Bay Vietnam
A small fishing community in Ha Long

Karsts of Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Sunset in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Sunset in Ha Long
Locals in Ha Long Bay
Ha Long is scattered with small homes and boats of fishermen
Temple, Ha Long Bay
Temples can be found in unbelievably remote enclaves of the bay
View from our boat in Ha Long
Fishing village Ha Long Bay
A fishing village in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay Vietnam

8 thoughts on “Ha Long Bay – Photos

  1. Nice shots.

    There’s no denying that it’s a beautiful & magical corner of the planet – but I left feeling a little worried about it since it seems that Vietnamese tourism authorities have no development plan in place whatsoever. There were way too many tour boats on the bay – looked like a naval invasion when leaving the mainland. Pollution’s become a major cause for concern since there’s no infrastructure to deal with the growing amount of waste.

    Looks like our boats were following the same route. 🙂 I got an evening shot from roughly the same spot as your sunset: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brightblightcafe/5624841290/

  2. What can I say? Just thanks for these photos.
    The first 2 and the seventh are amazing but my favorite is “Sunset in Ha Long” with the sun on the background. GREAT PHOTO!!!
    I think Vietman must pay you for this great advertising 🙂

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