Vietnam by Motorbike – Photos

After a whirlwind tour of Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh, I made my way up to Dalat, Vietnam, where I met up with a few of Vietnam’s famous ‘Easy Riders,’ men who put you on the back of their motorbike and take you just about anywhere you want to go. It’s an amazing way to see the country, as no back-road or community is off limits.

The rooftops of Ho Chi Minh

Busy Ho Chi Minh street

Ho Chi Minh's Notre Dame Cathedral

Buddha statues overlooking the agricultural town of Dalat, Vietnam

My awesome driver and motorbike!

A beekeeper we met along the way

Peeling tapioca

Another Buddha

Life on the water, Vietnam

In the rice fields, Vietnam

A couple of locals invited us to drink rice wine, or "Happy Water!" with them

Old bridge, Vietnam

At a pepper farm, Vietnam

Rice fields along the way

Lighting votive candles in Hoi An, Vietnam

At a Ba Na minority village, Vietnam

The old central market in Hoi An, Vietnam

A typical landscape in Central Vietnam

Next stop, Hanoi and Halong Bay!


One Response to “Vietnam by Motorbike – Photos”
  1. Rufus Collinson says:

    O my goodness….Your photos are So Amazing! I have such a different sense of Vietnam now. Thank you again and again.

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