Thin Places and the Infinite Whatever

“I’m drawn to places that beguile and inspire, sedate and stir, places where, for a few blissful moments I loosen my death grip on life, and can breathe again. It turns out these destinations have a name: thin places.” – Eric Weiner It’s no secret that I love to travel. But when a friend sent … Continue reading Thin Places and the Infinite Whatever

Kony 2012 and the power of online activism

I’ll start by being up front – I’m skeptical about online activism. That might come as a surprise, because my last job was to do the writing for the online advocacy program at Oxfam America, a major human rights organization with millions of people in its support network. When Oxfam wanted Congress to act, and … Continue reading Kony 2012 and the power of online activism

Magical Turkey – Photos

Alright, I’ll admit, I love most places I visit for one reason or another... But I’m quite possibly actually in love with Turkey. It’s magical. It’s beautiful. The people invite you into their homes for tea, then dinner, then ask you to stay the night. (Seriously). The history, the architecture, the colors and food...I’ll go … Continue reading Magical Turkey – Photos