10 Reasons to love Cambodia

Cambodians. Seriously, these people smile from ear-to-ear, 99% of the time. They wave hello. Its like they know, despite tough recent history, that life is fundamentally good. To make a broad generalization, I frigging love Cambodians. Chaotic Phnom Penh. It’s fast. It’s gritty. There are motorbikes and bikes and tuk-tuks everywhere. And markets. And street … Continue reading 10 Reasons to love Cambodia

From the Killing Fields to Kibera

It’s been a surreal couple of days. I went from New Years Eve in Seattle, Washington, watching a laser light show themed “outer space,” straight to the killing fields of central Cambodia, an area where Pol Pot’s troops devastated the population, killing roughly one fourth of Cambodia’s people. (Skulls left as testament of Khmer Rouge … Continue reading From the Killing Fields to Kibera