10 Reasons to love Cambodia

  1. Cambodians. Seriously, these people smile from ear-to-ear, 99% of the time. They wave hello. Its like they know, despite tough recent history, that life is fundamentally good. To make a broad generalization, I frigging love Cambodians.
  2. Chaotic Phnom Penh. It’s fast. It’s gritty. There are motorbikes and bikes and tuk-tuks everywhere. And markets. And street food. Its energy is frenetic and addictive.
  3. Speaking of – motorbikes. I love the fact that at any time of day, in pretty much any place, you can just hop on the back of someone’s motorbike and get where you are going – even more fun, you can rent one for $5 a day. They simply assume you know how to drive it. Brilliant!
  4. Pepper Crab. A specialty in Kep, Cambodia, this has got to be the best meal I’ve had in months – you get to watch them pluck it from the sea, and 30 minutes later, it appears like art in front of you.
  5. Random monkey sightings. There isn’t much to say about that except they are everywhere and its kinda great.
  6. Kampot, Cambodia. A gorgeous, aging, sleepy town with little to do besides ride a bike, hang out by the water, and chill with a cool beer. Which brings me to:
  7. Ankor beer. Way better than Chinese Tsing-Tsao and cheaper too. Anchor is even better.
  8. Cheap accomodations. My last bed was $2 a night. Plus it had a mosquito net, which is good, because those things are monstrous here.
  9. The temples and monuments – they are everywhere, and beautiful, and the country is simply littered with them.
  10. The beaches. Not Sihanoukville – lets face it, that place is a dung-heap. But the islands of Cambodia are still unspoiled, and if you are willing to take an unbelievably rickety boat for 3-hours of spew-inducing glory, it will inevitably be worth it.

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