Why am I doing this?!

First things first — you need to watch this video:

If this doesn’t simply take your breath away, I’m not entirely sure I can explain why I’m taking this next step in my life. However, Mereki made two other videos, that also make my heart race:

I watch this, and I feel alive. I feel inspired and giddy with anticipation. Obviously, different things appeal to different people – but travel makes me feel more alive, more challenged, and more inspired than anything else I’ve yet to discover. So for now, the answer to “Why am I doing this” feels pretty simple:

Because its there, and because I can.

One thought on “Why am I doing this?!

  1. Yup. I see you meeting Mereki at a dance lesson, or wine tasting…or on the back of an elephant…and walking off into a purple sunset….

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