A few thoughts from #Idomeni #Refugee Camp

I keep writing and re-writing this post. Mainly because I’m overwhelmed, and angry, after just a few days at and around the ‪#‎Idomeni‬ camp in Greece.

In the top photo, a woman covers her mouth due to the tear gas that was sent ripping through the crowds. (I was still in pain hours after leaving the camp). This gas wasn’t just launched at the border- it was launched in areas where refugees have their living quarters.

The second picture is representative of the ridiculous kindness I encountered from nearly everyone- adults and children alike. (This kid, like many in the camp, wrapped me in a bear hug, for no apparent reason, other than I existed and was there).

How is it we demonize these people? They are ‪#‎refugees‬. They are humans. And they are the same damn thing.

(Original Post on FB)

idomeni ‪‎.


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