Morocco is FABULOUS! Go!

The number one question I got when I told people I was heading to Morocco, solo, for a couple of weeks was this: Is it safe?! I’ve gotten this question a lot over the years, but it was much more incessant in advance of this trip. Morocco, for some reason, has a bad rap amongst (and for) solo female travelers. I read a lot of posts from other solo females before leaving, most of whom claimed traveling in the country was EXTREMELY difficult, and that unless you were well traveled to begin with, they wouldn’t encourage it.

I’m here to officially say that’s BOLLOCKS. Morocco is fabulous. The people are incredibly warm, and helpful — and it felt infinitely safer than many places I’ve headed to solo. I had mentally prepared for the level of challenge I encountered in Egypt and India, traveling solo — but experienced, with very few exceptions, absolutely none. In fact, I had numerous people invite me to their homes, to share tea or a meal with them, or just want to share time and conversation. People I met seemed genuinely proud of their country, and wanted to share it.

So – my main piece of advice, on traveling Morocco, is this: Just go! It’s beautiful. The landscape is incredibly varied. The people are incredibly warm. The food is amazing. But don’t drink the water. That’s a terrible idea 🙂

A few pictures from the trip:








2 thoughts on “Morocco is FABULOUS! Go!

  1. My daughter and I went to Morocco several years ago and we were told something similar, single women should not go alone. We had a wonderful time and what an amazing experience. Thank you for spreading the word!

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