Overlanding East Africa

I just got finished with a whirlwind overland trip in East Africa, starting in Nairobi and ending in Livingstone, Zambia. It was a mix of real highs and lows — seeing places like the winding alleys of Stone Town, Zanzibar, fell into the magical category. Suffering from food poisoning and vicious safari ants, not to mention taking down camp in the dark, pouring rain, less so.

Trying to capture a trip through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia in a few words or pictures would fail to do any of these places justice — so I’m just posting pics from the few short days we spent in the Serengeti. I have a slight-to-mild obsession with the photographer Nick Brandt, and while my photos will never begin to touch his in their scope or beauty, here is my best attempt at paying homage to him.

4 thoughts on “Overlanding East Africa

  1. These are lovely photos. Traveling is always a great thing to do as you are exposed to so much and you experience so much and your life is always changed in some way. Cheers

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