China – It’s love! – Photos

Here’s what I love about China (besides the ridiculously amazing people I meet around every corner) — In just a couple of weeks, I have hiked 22 towers of the great wall, partied all night in Shanghai’s raucous clubs, visited an ancient fishing community, sunbathed on a beach on a tiny, colonial island, visited Fujian tulou buildings (Chinese rural dwellings), attended free piano concerts, and generally speaking, had a blast at every turn. I think its love. Some photos:

The great wall — We managed to make it to a pretty remote section, and had it to ourselves for the better part of the day:

One of the many things I’ve seen/don’t understand/that crack me up:

Looking across the water, and then above, Shanghai’s skyline (from one of the world’s tallest buildings):

The fishing community of Zhujijiao:

A shi-shi boutique in Shanghai, and an alley on Gulangyu Island:

A few scenes around the island:

Love notes hanging in a hallway:

A piano concert:
Visiting the Fujian Toulou buildings, one very scary bus ride 4 hours out of Xiamen, China:

And, a couple last pics:

7 thoughts on “China – It’s love! – Photos

  1. Wow, your pic of the Great Wall is amazing, when I went we also had it to ourselves but there were 2000 of us running the Great Wall Half Marathon and I didn’t get a chance to stop and stare. I think I should revisit it.

  2. SARAH P! Your photos TOTALLY knock me out. I subscribed to your blog the week you left but never got an update. Thanks to David Kelley and Steve in the office I found you again. MISS YOU MUCH!!!!

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