Izmailovsky Kremlin

One friendly Russian+no agenda= a super amazing day at a place a bit off the beaten track. Was also lucky enough to witness a few wedding photo sessions here, and one semi-creepy but nonetheless amazing old market place.

A particularly friendly Russian gave me a boost over a locked fence to get this shot: (He later also tried to sell me a carpet from the inside of a rather suspicious storage unit, but was very charming about it).

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck Russia The marketplace was shut-down for the most part, but I loved the sense of quiet over the place:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaOld money, new money, I suppose:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaThere was a metal tree full of locks on the inside of the Kremlin, where couples had left their initials. (I’m assuming to pledge their love).

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaOne of them:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck Russia

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaAnother view of the market and Kremlin:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaA few charming t-shirts:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaMore views:
Izmailovsky Sarah Peck Russia

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck Russia

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaProbably my favorite from the day:

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaTwo last shots of the place: (The sun came out for one).

Izmailovsky Sarah Peck Russia
Izmailovsky Sarah Peck RussiaI hit up the Kremlin and Red Square after, but this place did more for me. Moscow is big, bad, and challenging, but definitely worth the trip.

5 thoughts on “Izmailovsky Kremlin

  1. brilliant Sarah! I love those unique locks and the way they meld with the harshness yet simultaneous beauty of the place

  2. Sarah,
    Your photos are amazing as usual. Love the updates. We miss you but are glad you’re off exploring! LOVE, us.

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